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Monday, 1 October 2012

What is video production?

What is video production
Video production is the process of creation, shooting, editing and managing video, from the initial idea through to delivery of the finished product.
Producing a video well is crucial to it attracting the right people

Video production process is in three parts. According to the actual video, the process can be relatively simple or very complex.
The easy to steps by steps are:
1) Pre-production, where the video is prepared for "shooting" (turning). It generally involves more of the following:
  • ·         Development and adoption of a storyboard and a total execution time
  • ·         Producing the shooting script
  • ·         Choose and find the equipment (cameras, teleprompter, audio recording, lights), sets, props, locations, facilities, graphics and music
  • ·         Develop the production team, which may include some or all of the following elements: actors / presenter, director, videographer (s), graphic designer, sound engineer, continuity person, props builder and buyer
2) Production, where the video is actually shot. It usually includes:
  • ·         Repetition, to ensure that everyone understands what each scene or action involves
  • ·         Script changes, if necessary, to take last minute changes or video production problems
  • ·         Shot, which may involve multiple shots of the same scene?
  • ·         Sound recording, which often happens with shots, but sometimes it is necessary to separate the sound effects or over-dubbing
3) Post-production, where all the elements are assembled into a final video. It usually includes:
  • ·         Graphics production, including digital special effects
  • ·         Caption generation and titration
  • ·         Writing
  • ·         And overlaying dubbing music
  • ·         Add sound effects
  • ·         The role of the producer
Most videos need a producer to manage all resources, and make the video is produced in accordance with your memory. Sometimes, if the video is very simple, only one person can assume the roles of producer, director and videographer. However, this can make it difficult to see the problems as they arise. Solving problems after the production phase can be difficult and expensive.
Producers are generally responsible for the financial management and cost control. They also ensure that all licenses and authorizations are granted, including music rights, permissions to film in public places and licenses to use someone else's intellectual property.
If you can’t afford professional video production values, it might be better to spend the tight budgets of other forms of online marketing.