Monday, 23 September 2013

Online Video Marketing – The Most Viral Form Of Marketing

Marketing is the soul of any business. Any product or service manufactured or provided through any business, should be marketed well so that people can gain cognizance about that particular product and its various features or services. It is the only way through which people gain awareness about any new product or any service available in the market.
There are various kinds of marketing used by businesses across various industry verticals. Some of the most popular and effective types of marketing are as follows:
  • Affinity Marketing: It is also known as Partnership Marketing as it links complimentary brands which creates strategic partnerships that is beneficial for both the companies.
  • Alliance Marketing: In this type of marketing two or more companies come together and promote their products through coalition.
  • Community Marketing: In this type of marketing, the company focuses on the existing group or class of people who are already using that particular product or service rather than making new customers.
  • Content Marketing: In this type of marketing, content is created and published through various platforms.
  • Freebie Marketing: A particular product is sold at lower rates, or given away for free, to enhance the sale of another complimentary product or service.
  • Free Sample Marketing: This is contrary to the freebie marketing as in this the product or service isn’t dependent on the complimentary marketing, but rather consists of giving away the free sample of the product to influence the consumer to make the purchase.

Among the various modes of marketing, the most important one, in this technological era is online video marketing. This premium form of advertising is becoming a key way to build brand recognition. In comparison to other forms of marketing such as black and white, motion pictures are much effective and impactful. Today, using internet has become the norm of the day. Thus, online video marketing is the most effective form of marketing. Furthermore, online video marketing is cost effective so it gives chances to business to save marketing costs. 

A compelling video with an effective message for the viewers will definitely help you convey your message to the right audience. An video marketing agency can be successful if it conveys all the important information required by the prospective clients. There are various online videos which can be created in order to convey organizational culture to the world. These videos include videos having product or service demonstrations. Currently, written testimonials have become outdated. This is the world of video testimonials which can really impress the viewer and give a review of the business. Giving the virtual tour of your premises can also give a positive review of the company. It helps the customers judge the value of a business. All these create a marketing effect in the eyes of the customers. Once the video goes viral nothing much is left to do. The message gets spread by itself and reaches high number of prospective clients.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

High Quality, Creative, Informative and Eye Catching Video Production and Promotion Techniques to groom your online business.

Video is of the key ways to promote your company.
These days with so lots of mobile devices, in case you do not use video you are missing a key device in your marketing toolbox.

The Video Production Technique Part one - Getting Started

Video production is complex and can appear daunting. There's lots of options available:

- tools / equipment
- talent / presenter /actors  
- style
- location  
- key message

Every Video Marketing Agency project concept is different depend upon his taste and preference we have to ask him question to begin. Below is a list of the most typical questions that they start asking before they start a project. In case you don't have answers to a number of these, no issue they can talk it through with you to help establish & progress the idea.

The Top 10 Video Project Scope Questions:  

1. What's the Key Message?  
2. Who is the Target Audience?  
3. What is the finish result you are looking for?  
4. What's the project overview?  
5. Where will this be distributed/shown?
6. How long do you expect the video to be?  
7. Do you have a delivery date in mind?  
8. What level of involvement do you envision from your side?  
eg Scripts, stories, appointments etc  
9. What budget exists?  
10. Are there any earlier project examples that will guide us?  

In Part two they will describe the actual video production technique.

In case you do not require to wait for part 2, please contact Video Production Toronto for more information.

Monday, 2 September 2013

What To Look For In A Digital Advertising Company?

Digital advertising is the new technology in the advertising market. It helps convey messages to the outside world in the most effective fashion. Digital advertising agencies offer their services to all types of businesses. Digital advertising agency has diverse capabilities with in-network efficiencies. It involves promotion of products and services of a business via the use of digital media. It intends to attract more number of customers. Digital advertising transcends time and location. It is a form of promotion over the internet to attract a wide customer base. Digital advertising includes marketing media that is digitally displayed. It serves as an effective technology that can be used on the internet, smart phone and hand held media devices. It may also be used on automobiles and billboards. Businesses and manufacturers avail of digital advertising to create and maintain a brand image and conduct marketing of their products and services.


There are a number of digital advertising agencies on the market who are ready to offer various services including creating promotional videos, product videos, testimonial videos etc. They offer various digital tools to help you avail of the latest technology. Investing in digital advertising efforts needs substantial budget. Due to the plethora of digital marketing agencies existing in the market it is difficult to arrive at one. However there are a number of factors that can help you determine the right agency for your business. Following are the things to look for while hiring a digital advertising company:
  • The most important factor in the right digital advertising company is the years of experience the company has in the industry. The more the experience the better would be the outcome of your digital advertising campaign.
  • You should also go through the videos they have created in the past. This helps to determine if the company is good at conveying the message in the most appealing and effective way. Also, knowing the success rate of these videos through statistics helps you judge about the reliability of the company.
What customers can expect with corporate video production in Toronto
  • Pricing is an important factor to consider while investing in digital advertising. It is very important to understand the fee structures of various companies. Various agencies levy the fees according to time, and performance.
  • If you are unable to decide on the right digital advertising provider for you then you may ask your friends, relatives, or business partners for references. These should be the companies with whom they already worked.
  • With some prior meetings with the agency you should determine if there is a proper coordination between your staff and the company's team working on the digital advertising campaign.
  • Last but not the least, before hiring a company for your digital company you should meticulously look into various factors including pricing, length of the contract, and renewal criteria.
  • A website speaks a lot about a company and its services. Hence, visiting the website can also help you estimate the value that the company will deliver to your business.